How to make a Unity 3D platformer tutorial

What we will be developing in this unity 3D platformer tutorial?

In this unity 3d platformer tutorial we will build a game with similar mechanics to the awesome crash bandicoot series.

Forward running platformer game
Forward running platformer game – Crash Bandicoot

In this tutorial series this is the platformer game we will be building:

unity 3d platformer tutorial
unity 3d platformer tutorial

Lets get started with setting up our project

First create a new project and call it bounce3d. Make sure it is in 3D mode. Now goto File -> New Scene. After this lets start adding some of our game objects. First we will need a plane which we will later on add collision detection to to kill our player when we fall off the map.

For the purposes of this tutorial the game will merely restart however you will be able to build your own specific game menus or screens when this happens. Once you have added the plane go ahead and add a rectangle object to the scene. Stretch it out over the Y-Axis to make it as long as the length you want the level to be. When this is complete copy this object and slightly lower it and copy it to the back of the current rectangle object. Refer to our video above to get an idea of how the scene should look in terms of the placement of the platformer floor.Now that you have the floor set up for our player to walk on. Let’s add our player, in our game our player is a ball which can roll across the level. So add a new sphere object to our scene.

What will we discuss in the next tutorial?

In the next unity 3d platformer tutorial we will try get to a point where our player can lie on top of our platform floor. The first few chapters we will just get the game mechanics right so that we have a playable game. Then in following chapters we will add some graphical components. To make our game to look a bit more appealing.

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