PLC Meaning

What is a plc and what is the plc meaning?

PLC’s are in way industrial computers which can flick switches on and off at a very high pace. PLC also known as programmable logic controllers. PLCs are usually used in automation projects which require more of a durable piece of hardware which can last long periods of time. PLCs can integrate with various probes and sensors to sense various situations in your automation project.

Some things you can measure with your PLC?

  • Sensing temperature, in some highly pressured devices sensing of temperature could be very useful in your automation project.
  • Determining pressure, if you are in the mining sector or the chemical manufacturing industry. The pressure may be an intricate part of your automation project in order to regulate the kPa.
  • Sensing flow, often you may have piping and would want to measure how much flow there is in your piping. Using Doppler technology you can determine whether there are faults in your plan. Determine if there is actual flow in your piping and at what rate the flow is.
  • Tank levels, you can detect levels of tanks and even silos with Doppler technology. Which can determine how full or empty your tanks are.
  • Smoke detection, in projects where there potentially can be┬árisk of fire, smoke detection can really help in preventing disasters.

What can PLCs control?

PLCs have a wide application and merges electric engineering into your mechanical projects. PLCs can control anything from your pool pump to industrial applications. Such as powering pistons, conveyor belts, counting items, detection of objects through machine vision. Regulating amounts of ingredients in a recipe for production of consumable products.

How does one get a plc for automating something and how does it work?

First of all the plc actually connects up to the electrical system of your plant, home or manufacturing house. The plc is then conventionally programmed with a language called ladder. Ladder is a list of instructions which get fired many times per second in a loop and has states. With different states different ports fire and turn various machinery in your automation project on and off.

Example of plc programming in ladder

Example of plc programming in ladder

Example of what plcs look like

PLC example
PLC example

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