PLC programming who does it?

What types of people do plc programming?

So you are interested in plc programming, but don’t know how to get into it. Perhaps you are a person in the manufacturing space which wants to have a little more knowledge about plc programming. Just so that you can communicate with your plc integrator. The main theme of plc programmers are that they have strong competencies in electrical and programming disciplines. Often these people are some form of electrical engineer or software programmer who has crossed over to electronics. Generally these people are what the world has dubbed geeks. Human beings inspired by the thrill of making the impossible possible and bringing solutions to every walk of life.

What do plc programmers do?

PLC programmers automate processes on a more physical level. Unlike other types of automation which may include things such as document distribution, automated capturing and other forms of business or administrative task automation. PLC programming allows the programmer to electrically control machinery, devices and other forms of physical hardware to carry out an automated task. Often this is done in industries such as farming, mining, manufacturing, packing, logistics and many other industries which have high volumes of physical jobs which can be carried out by a machine. What makes it so exciting is that you can physically see your handy work do something awesome and exciting.

How do you get into PLC programming?

Above all it is important to have a hunger for it. To love everything technical and be passionate about it. This is the core requirement to get into any programming field. Once you know it’s something you truly want to explore you can start by taking a course. You could follow our blog on all the different plc tutorials which we present here. You could even decide to jump right in and get your hands dirty by just playing around.

How does plc programming control hardware?

The control itself is done by electrical circuits which power different hardware devices or machines. Your plc contains relays which opens and closes circuits when certain conditions are met. By doing so the plc programmer can easily turn devices on and off at logical intervals in the process. Allowing absolute control over machinery in any factory or project. Also communication such as RS485 allows for reasonably long distance communication between plc and the device you are controlling. Other options include wireless communication, bluetooth, ethernet and serial communication. Giving you absolute control over all the projects you integrate with.

Example plc controller
Example plc controller

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