Python programming tutorial 101 brief history

The history of python as a programming language

First of all thank you for taking part in this python programming tutorial series and taking the time to read through this post. Python has been around for quite a while actually since the 1980’s but has only recently started gaining traction, the main reason for this being that it plays in so many areas of software development as a whole.

Areas which python programming is excelling in at the moment

Python nowadays has moved away from it’s very much just a scripting alter ego of the past and is now used for many different things.

Some of those being the following:

  • Website development using frameworks such as Django and Flask.
  • Machine learning and data science using Tensorflow and Scikitlearn.
  • Game development with pygame.
  • Command line applications which can run on operating systems like Linux and Mac to automate tasks.
  • Desktop applications with native user interfaces.

The beauty of python programming as a whole is that one it is versatile and easy to learn. Then also can be used in a multitude of projects and on many operating systems.

Overview of this python programming tutorial series

We would like to aim this tutorial series at absolute beginners and make it so simple we could teach a six year old to write and execute the code. In this series we will go through very simple programming exercises to teach anyone the basics of python programming.

What we will be teaching in this python programming tutorial

For the most part if one has the basic understanding of the programming constructs of a particular language they would be able to continue growing their ability from there. We will discuss things like:

  1. Conditional statements
  2. Loops
  3. Functions
  4. Printing to the screen
  5. Reading data from the command line

We will go through some practical examples and projects which will teach you the fundamentals of python programming so that you can take that knowledge and grow it further.

Some of these will include, reading in your name and printing it out with a message. Repeating text on the screen and many more examples to drill in the fundamentals of python programming. These are some of the things you will learn from this python programming tutorial series.

Python programming tutorial example
Python programming tutorial example

Good luck and see you in the next tutorial where we will setup the environment and build our first command line application.

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